Best Places to Watch the Sunset in America

A sunset over a lake
A glorious sunset.

There’s nothing like watching a beautiful, color-drenched sunset. I seriously think one of the most relaxing and humbling experiences is sitting (or laying down) outside, looking up at the sky and watching the glorious shades of yellows, oranges, pinks and reds flash through the sky. It’s a reminder that we’re just a spec in the universe. It’s also a reminder of the beautiful and majesty of nature. So, what are the best places to watch the sunset in America?

I’m in Michigan, so I can think of some great spots to watch the sunset in Michigan. Anywhere off Lake Michigan can offer some glorious spots to watch the sunset. My uncle lives in Fennville, off Lake Michigan, and I’ve seen some incredible sunsets off the lake. Read on for some of the best places to watch the sunset in America. Reach out to me on social media or by email and send me your picks.

Ludington Pier and North Breakwater Lighthouse in Michigan

It’s hard to pick a top spot to watch the sunset in Michigan, but the Ludington Pier, which includes the North Breakwater Lighthouse, is a perfect spot. This area offers lots of flat beach that goes into Lake Michigan, and it’s a choice spot to watch the sunset any time of the year. The North Pier is about 1,452 feet long, and the South Pier is 2,138 feet long, so this area is rarely too crowded to enjoy the views.

The Grand Canyon in Arizona

If you’re lucky enough to live near The Grand Canyon, or if you’re vacationing there, you need to visit during a sunset. With its jaw-dropping views, The Grand Canyon is actually considered one of the best places to see the sunset in the world. Its electrifying cliffs and mirror-like lakes make the views even better.

Mallory Square in Florida’s Key West

Florida’s Key West is a popular vacation destination throughout the year. Those visiting should stay awake long enough to witness the area’s beautiful sunsets. The area offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the sunset over the beautiful sea. Also, since this area is a tourist’s favorite, Mallory Square has plenty of shops, hotels and restaurants.

Maui in Hawaii

The Hawaiian islands are a favorite tourist spot for Americans and those around the world. Aside from the pristine waters and resorts, Maui is known for its spectacular sunsets. While waiting for the sun to go down, visitors can enjoy some hiking through Haleakalā National Park, check out the island’s volcanic areas or indulge in some tasty local cuisines. But, yes, those sunsets are the main attraction.

New York City in New York

While the other spots on this list are mainly in nature, I can’t leave out the unique beauty of a city sunset. New York City offers sparkling, romantic sunsets that paint a perfect picture against the city’s famous skyline. Seeing Manhattan’s towering skyscrapers against the stunning nature of a sunset is an unforgettable and sublime contrast.

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