5 Magical Midwest Lakes to Visit This Season

Anne at Lake Michigan's shoreline.
Anne enjoying Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to get to the beach. I live in Michigan, and one of the most popular activities for the summer months is going to a local lake. Of course, Michigan has the Great Lakes, including Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. But, there are also plenty of charming inland Michigan lakes. Some of them are so small, you can see the shore from wherever you are in the water. Outside of Michigan, there are also plenty of charming Midwest lakes.

One of my first experiences with going to a lake was when I was a kid and my family visited a family friend at their cottage. I can’t quite remember the city, but I think it was towards Grand Rapids, Michigan. We went on a pontoon. Even though I was only 5 or 6 years old, I remember it being such a fun time. In college, I visited my friend Katie up in Prescott, Michigan. Her family lived off a lake, and I’ll never forgot that we took separate paddleboats up to a little store on the lake and parked in the water! I never know there was such a thing as a grocery store off the lake, where you paddle there.

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The Midwest has plenty of glorious lakes, including Michigan lakes. Read on for five of my favorite Midwest lakes. Find five beautiful Michigan vacation spots here.

5 Magical Midwest Lakes

Lake Michigan, Michigan

This is my favorite lake in the state and one of the most popular Michigan lakes. My uncle lives off Lake Michigan in an absolutely beautiful home. He even has a private shoreline. As a Michigander, going to this lake is a must-do activity each summer. According to Pure Michigan, Lake Michigan is the only one of the Great Lakes that is located wholly within the United States. You’ll also find plenty of charming towns along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Not to be a downer, but Lake Michigan is also the deadliest lake in all of America. Find Lake Michigan stats via the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project.

Green Lake, Wisconsin

Green Lake is located in central Wisconsin. The natural freshwater lake is actually the deepest inland lake in Wisconsin. This is a popular spot for summer activities, such as swimming, boating and various water sports. You’ll also find lots of public beaches and parks on the shoreline, so it’s a very accessible lake.

Gull Lake, Minnesota

Gull Lake is one of Minnesota’s largest and most popular tourist lakes. Located in the Crow Wing and Cass Counties,
Gull Lake also has more than 35 species of aquatic life in its waters, so it’s a great spot for fishing. The lake is also quite built up with commercial and residential properties, including plenty of homes, cabins and resorts.

Gun Lake, Michigan

I had never heard of Gun Lake until my cousin got married off its beach. This is a beautiful Michigan lake with clear, very blue water. It’s an all-sports lake with 2680 acres of fun activities, such as water skiing, boating, tubing, sailing, swimming, kayaking, jet skiing and more. It’s also a small lake. If you head there, I recommend eating at the Bay Pointe Inn and even staying there, if it’s an overnight trip.

Lake Erie, along the Ontario Peninsula, as well as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York

Lake Erie is one of the most accessible lakes in the Midwest, as it runs along Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario. It’s the smallest of the four Great Lakes that touch Michigan’s shores, according to Pure Michigan. Lake Erie’s coastline runs from the Ohio border to the start of the Detroit River.

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