Best Ice Cream Ever at House of Flavors in Ludington, Michigan – Review

It’s March, which means spring and summer are just around the corner. Thank goodness! It’s always this time of year that seems to drag on forever, while the last of the cold weather makes its way out of the area. I, for one, am ready to say farewell to snow and hello to blue skies and sunshine.

One of my favorite foods is ice cream, so I was so happy to try out the famous ice cream at House of Flavors in Ludington, Michigan. I had heard about the shop for years and actually wrote a story about it as a reporter in Lansing, so when I had the chance to check it out firsthand, I was pumped.

Stepping inside, the shop smelled amazing. As I tasted all the different, unique flavors, I figured out why they call it House of Flavors- there are so many different kinds! House of Flavors is Michigan’s largest ice cream manufacturer. They’ve been making ice cream since 1937, and that’s obvious when you taste it. With so many unique flavors, I was hoping to find the House of Flavors brand in some local grocery stores, but it doesn’t appear they sell to retail- yet.

After much debate, we scooped up cookie dough and rocky road flavors, so we took the traditional route. They were both delicious! I’m already looking forward to the next visit. Afterwards, we walked along the lake, which I highly recommending doing after any House of Flavors trip.

The verdict? Next time you’re in the Ludington area, House of Flavors is a must try. It’s the perfect end cap to the day! What’s more, you can visit a few times and never worry about getting the same flavor. They have a huge variety and are always switching up the tastes, so it never gets boring.

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