Here’s Why Spring is My Favorite Season

Anne Erickson standing in a meadow with green plants and flowers.
Anne Erickson says, “Spring is my favorite season.”

When I ask my friends to name their favorite season, almost everyone I know says fall. I get it. Fall is great. It’s filled with pumpkin everything, cool nights, hoodies, bonfires, crisp sunsets, football and Halloween. What’s not to love about fall? But, spring is my favorite season. Here’s why.

Reasons to Love Spring

Fall used to be my favorite season. In fact, that’s why my named with my band Upon Wings is Anne Autumn Erickson. Side note: Anne Ashley has always been my nickname, so I actually regret going with Autumn with Upon Wings. I’m thinking of changing it to Anne Ashley Erickson, but there’s already a lot of history built over my Autumn name.

But, back to the seasons. Spring is my favorite season by far.

My preference for spring blossomed, pun definitely intended, after a bunch of trees got plowed down on the land where I live. I was devastated. I grew up with those trees. they were like family. It was really traumatic, and I still can’t get over how it happened. It shouldn’t have happened, and I’m upset with the tree company to this day.

When those trees got plowed down, I decided to try to grow the tallest plants and grass that I could. I bought a lot of seeds to grow plants from seeds. I also purchased some ornamental grass and one tree and had an expert plant them.

My planting didn’t make much difference at first, but by the first spring following the tree incident, I could see the growth from what I planted. It was such a beautiful and moving experience to walk around the area each day in the spring and see new growth. That really made me fall in love with spring.

By the second spring, things really started to grow back. It was starting to look beautiful again.

But, then tornado-force winds plowed through the area last August and flattened out everything that I planted. It uprooted a lot of it, too.

Don’t feel too sad. At least the house was fine, and so was I. But, it looks bare again.

This spring, I’m so excited to grow some plants again. I’m planning to grow a lot from seed and watch it blossom each day. So, that’s one of the main reasons I love spring: to see the fruits of my labor, so to speak.

Another reason I love spring is the idea of it being a season of resurrection and rebirth.

Finally, I’m a person who totally loves to anticipate goodness ahead. I love summer and being outside, so the beginning of spring brings a lot of happiness to me, knowing that we have several months of warmth up ahead. That’s one reason I don’t like the fall as much anymore. All I can think about is how winter is next, bringing months of being couped up indoors. Although fall does have football, so that’s a great thing.

I hope that you thoroughly enjoy spring this year. I challenge you to plant something, even something small, and watch it grow each day. Hopefully it will bring you the kind of joy that it brings me.