Easy Flowers to Grow from Seed

Anne Erickson posting in a sunflower field.
Anne Erickson shares easy flowers to grow from seed

I’m a huge fan of all things nature. Spring is my favorite season, largely because I get to watch everything bloom. Each day, I like to go outside, look at the ground and see if anything new has sprouted. It’s so refreshing. Now, spring is coming up, and I’m ready to plant. So, what are some easy flowers to grow from seed?

This year is going to be especially big for me when it comes to planting. That’s because we had a huge storm go through my area in Michigan last August, and it sadly uprooted everything I had planted over the past two years. I was pretty upset about it, but at least everyone was safe, and the house wasn’t damaged. So, now, I’m looking for easy flowers to grow from seed.

Why seed? I love how easy seed is to plant. I also live near a creek with lots of clay soil, so digging is very difficult, and the soil isn’t great for planting anything deep. It’s great to just throw a bunch of seeds down with some top soil and see what takes. Even if just some of what I planted grows, I’m a happy girl.

Growing tips

If you’re going to plant from seed, make sure to read the seed packets so that you plant during the right time and in the correct area. Look for seeds that flourish in your zone, of course, and with your kind of soil. Do you have clay soil, like me, or loose, sandy soil? If you want to start your seeds indoors, that’s great. But, I never do. It’s totally optional, in many cases. Finally, know your growing zone and count backwards from your area’s last frost date to figure out when to start planting seeds outdoors.

Easy flowers to grow from seed

1. Zinnias

Zinnias are among the easiest flowers to grow. They germinate very fast, and that’s even the case if you sow them directly outside. They’re also very hardy, so you’ll always get some kind of growth and bloom. Zinnias are also beautiful. They come in a wide variety of colors and heights. I prefer the bright-colored Zinnias, although the white ones are striking, too.

2. Pansies and Violas

Pansies and violas are very easy flowers to grow from seed, although in my experience, the deer love the violas. I planted some beautiful perennial violas once, and a few years in, the deer ate them all up.

3. Cosmos

If you’re looking for some great annual flowers to grow from seed, try cosmos. These are best to grow in full sun, and the great news is that they bloom summer and fall. I’m a big fan of flowers that bloom for a long time.

4. Sunflowers

Who doesn’t love sunflowers? They are among my absolute favorite flowers. What’s extra cool is that you can plant sunflowers from seed in a variety of colors, from yellow to orange to brown. They can grow super tall, too.

5. Wildflowers

When all else fails, buy a package of wildflowers. I actually purchased six huge packages of wildflower seeds two years ago, and by last year, they were blooming very well. That storm took them out, but I plan to get a wildflower mix again this year. They also have mixes that are good for the shade, if you have shady areas.

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