Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas tree
Anne Erickson

Are we really just 12 days away from Christmas? I can’t believe it. This holiday season is going by so fast. I actually haven’t been watching as many Hallmark movies as usual, because I’ve been knee-deep into NFL football. This season is so wild, and I love it. Plus, I host a NFL podcast for WRIF, called “The Squad with Anne Erickson,” so I have to keep up with the Detroit Lions and all the NFL teams, especially in the NFC. Anyway, if you’re a last-minute shopper, I’ve put together list list of some last-minute holiday gift ideas. These are all items I would love, but you don’t have to get them for me! These gifts would be perfect for plenty of people, so maybe you’ll find a last-minute gift in these ideas.

Here are some last-minute gift ideas for Christmas or any other special event, from birthdays to other holidays.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Official NFL Shop – NFL gear

I’m a huge NFL fan, so of course I love It has everything from the NFL world, and they have some really good deals going on right now. As a Detroit Lions fan, I’ve been looking at some of their Lions offerings, and I really like their jerseys, sweatshirts, hats and accessories. Plus, there are a lot of untrustworthy NFL gear sites out there, so I like sticking to a site that I can trust. Check out here, and you’ll find gear from every NFL team on the site. – College sports and more

If you’re a sports fan or have someone in your life who is a huge sports fan, check out This site is known for its fantastic sports apparel and accessories. As a Michigan State University Spartan, I really love their college sports gear. They carry awesome items for MSU and, yes, even the University of Michigan. Ohio State is on here, too. You’ll also find full lines for the NHL, NBA, MLB and more. It’s your one-stop sports show. Find here.

Guitar Center

Want some music for the holidays? Or, maybe you’re shopping for a musician. Guitar Center is a longstanding name in the music world. They have pretty much every instrument imaginable, and they’re known, of course, for their guitars. They also have great deals in microphones. I’ve purchased a few microphones from Guitar Center for my vocal recordings, both for my band, Upon Wings, and podcasts. Find Guitar Center here.

I love edgy, gothic stuff. In that spirit, is one of my favorite new finds. This shop has lots of awesome, too-cool-for-school gothic clothing and accessories. I especially love the booty shorts. There, I said it. There’s nothing wrong with that. They have some cool jewelry, too. Find here. Also, if you use the coupon code ANNEXO15, you’ll get a discount!

When All Else Fails…

There’s always! Seriously. They can ship anything to you super fast. They’re a life-saver. Find all things here.

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