Hardiest Perennials for Vibrant Colors Every Year

Anne Erickson posing with the hardiest perennials to grow for beautiful colors each year.
Anne Erickson with the hardiest perennials

Spring has sprung. One of my favorite things about springtime is seeing all the perennials bloom. If you’re looking for the hardiest perennials to grow, I’ve put together a tally of some perennials to plant that don’t requite a lot of maintenance. Each year, the perennials in my area seem to get bigger and bigger, and it’s always exciting to see what they’re going to look like year in and year out.

Hardiest Perennials to Plant for Vibrant Colors

If you’re looking for steady and low-maintenance plants that bloom each year, these hardy perennials should do the trick. I’ve put together a list of the hardiest perennials to plant that are usually able to tolerate most difficult circumstances and conditions, including drought, poor soil and cold winters. I live in Michigan, so having perennials that can survive our brutal winters is of great importance, although our winters are getting more mild.

By the way, it’s worth noting that the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map changed in 2024 for the first time in a decade, and more than half of the United States was impacted. So, check the map to make sure that you’re aware of your true zone.

The 2012 Hardiness Zone map put my area in the 5b zone, and now, the 2023-present Hardiness Zone has us at 6a. The USDA also says the temperature change in my area from 2012-2023 was plus 2 degrees Fahrenheit. I also noticed that now, most of lower Michigan is in the same hardiness zone of 6a, whereas before, it was very divided.

You can check your area via the new UDSA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, too.


My backyard is really shady. There are some sections that get sun, but half of the backyard is covered in shade, so I’m always looking for hardy perennials that can stand the shade. Barrenwort fits the bill. Barrenwort is a beautiful plant that offers lots of foliage, too. it’s best in shady areas with dry soil. It will spread, though, so if you don’t want it spreading across your garden, you may opt for a different plant. Barrenwort is ideal for zones 4 through 8. It’s one of the hardiest perennials you’ll find.


While most of the perennial plants on this list are best for dry soil, I personally have very moist, clay soil on my land, because I live near a river. If you also have clay soil, Asters are an easy-to-grow and hardy perennial. They bloom later in the season, so it’s the perfect boost you need as your other flowers are fading away. They also attract Monarch butterflies, bees and pollinators. Aster is best for zones 3 through 9.

Asiatic Lily

The Asiatic Lily is one of my favorites to plant. It’s one of the hardiest perennials you’ll find, and it’s good for a lot of zones, too. The Asiatic Lily is the hardiest of the lilies. They grow fast from bulbs planted in the fall or early spring and offer lots of great colors. The Asiatic Lily is ideal for areas with full to partial sun and dry soil. It’s good for zones 3 through 10.


Peony flowers are gorgeous. They’re also extremely hardy and will bloom year after year and get bigger each season. Peonies are also available in a variety of colors and smell fantastic. Their best growing conditions are full sun to partial shade and dry soil. The Peony is appropriate for zones 3 through 8.

Daylily (Hemerocallis)

Daylilies are super low-maintenance and come up season after season. They’re very hardy, too, and can grow in clay soil. Daylilies are also available in a variety of colors. They’re good to grow in zones 3 through 9. They’re one of the hardiest perennials out there.

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